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AC servo numerical management electric fly press

Due to the relatively simple design, screw presses are straightforward to maintain. AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the present invention, driving-chain is brief, and control is dependable, therefore, has functionality of fast response. 1. Essential engine adopts program controlled thin oil lubrication system, screw, nut and information rail adopt program controlled grease lubrication system.

A dewatering screw press is a screw press that separates liquids from solids A screw press machine can be used in place of a belt press, centrifuge , or filter paper It’s a easy, sluggish shifting device that accomplishes dewatering by continuous gravitational drainage.

EPC-D numerical management electric screw press adopt switched reluctance motor which is the most advanced and best suited for the die forging industry The motor with low pace and large beginning torque apply to the positive and adverse work.Due to this fact, the life of the motor is prolonged and saves vitality.Digital management system use PLC control with man-machine interface integration whereas realizing the automation of forging manufacturing with robotic or other automation gear connectionThe pinion are manufactured from particular steel, which solved the vulnerability problem of the bakelite gear with out damaging gearwheel and prolonged the pinion life greater than 5 times than bakelite gear;The screw and the flywheel undertake the spline connection, which improves the workpiece interchangeability.

Electric screw press is a kind of forging machine with strong applicability, have dual nature of press and forging hammer. AC servo numerical management electrical fly press of the present invention can be used the static load work of operate as normal means 20%, and the strike stress limit is vast.

There are electrical or friction screw presses. three.Cut back power consumption because the flywheel power restoration machine. A pressured lubricating system will feed the lubricate oil into the closed screw-nut system by particular pipeline, and form an oil display between every touching elements to scale back the components friction when press works.

three. The pinions 23 are mounted in bearing blocks 24 that are supported by a platform 25 which surrounds the upper cross member three of the press frame 1. Each pinion 23 is pushed by two axial piston motors, an axial piston motor 26o disposed above the pinion and an axial piston motor 26u disposed under the pinion 23. The width of the toothed rim 22 is such that during the full stroke of the spindle 9 executed by the toothed rim 22 the pinions 23 are always in complete engagement with the exterior toothing of the rim 22.

Is a brand new product which integrated screw press advangtage of south china and north construction adopts the split physique and solves the problem of the rack fracture ,which has the characteristics of simple and reasonable tools structure, lovely look, easy operation, upkeep and methodology to complete the work of workstation is that the motor drives pinion after which pinion drives flywheel rotating with power releasing for the necessities of the tools is especially used within the precision forging of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, refractory materials and other industries.

2. Fool-fashion operation, no want of professional press machine operator. Twin screw presses feature two overlapping compression screws. The photo exhibits wonderful characteristic software of the screw press on sizzling pressing of Magnesium skinny sheet to carry out backward extrusion and boss forming.

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