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Gu10 Downlight

You can put the lights further or closer apart if you need to. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products at reasonable and affordable prices. For full products & information, please download our brochure or get in touch with us. The luminous trims combine the diffused quality of lensed trim but with an open downlight component. Lens trim is designed to provide a diffused light and protect the lamp. There are cone trims which produce a low-brightness aperture.

Whether a single downlight, adjustable trim, or multiple head system, each product is engineered with quality and the CSL patented optic system. Use this recessed LED downlight kit to illuminate your outdoor space. This kit is perfect for adding soffit lighting under roofs, porch overhangs, decks, railings, and more. These recessed downlights have a flush mount with their housing and cast light straight down from the lamp. The kit comes complete with everything you need including an LED transformer, waterproof power driver, and timer. Great range of top trade brand downlights for internal and external use. Use multiple units in a room to create even, gentle and shadow-free light, or use individual products to accent parts of the room or architecture.

They can provide in-fill light as well as task lighting for example over a kitchen island. They work well with a combination of other architectural and decorative fittings in a layered lighting schemes. Take a look at our projects to see how we have used downlights. A family of 2.5″ to 8″ aperture luminaires, designed for flexibility with round or square apertures, multiple lumen outputs, beam spread options, and multiple trim and reflector finishes. LBR is everything you need in a downlight at an affordable price. Whether it’s the seamless install from-below design, abundant energy savings or maintaining glare-free aesthetics, LBR is the perfect solution for any renovation, remodel or new construction project. To top it off, LBR has a broad offering of aperture sizes, drivers, accessories, and switchable CCTs and lumens.

Most downlights in the market are maximum 40W, but 60W-200W high power lights are in great demand. In addition, 6-8 inches regular size far from meeting really needs. In this case, our LED downlight that has a wide selection like 30W-200W & 6-14 inches for optional sell good for sure. High power 200W recessed LED downlight, recessed 200W LED downlights, 200W LED ceiling light, 200W LED spotlight, high power 200W LED downlight. 8-14 inch hole size optional, 200W CREE COB LEDs, 24000Lm high brightness. 200W recessed LED downlight can replace 600W traditional downlight. High power 200W recessed LED downlight, recessed 200W LED downlights, 200W LED ceiling light, 200W LED spotlight, high power 200W LED down light. General area illumination is accomplished using open reflector or baffle trims.

 Fresh Surface Downlight

Contractor or lighting designer them choose KLM lamps to transform interior spaces with the fine play of light manipulation. I’ve just sold a deck with your down-lights recessed into all the upper rails. The lights are waterproof, weatherproof, and salt air resistant, which means they can be installed in a wet location. The housing is made of Alodine coated aircraft grade aluminum and has a powder coated finish with built-in UV protection. If you have an existing halogen downlight, this means your transformer is incompatible with any LED downlights installed. The low voltage LEDs doesn’t meet the minimum wattage load of the transformer.

They also deliver instant energy savings and have a much longer lifetime, creating a real value-for-money and environmentally friendly solution. They are easy to install thanks to their standard cut-out size and push-in connectors. InterAct Ready luminaires with integrated wireless communications in this family available, to be used with InterAct gateways, sensors and software. Choose between recessed or surface mounted downlights to light up any space in your home. Recessed downlights are fitted into the ceiling and provide glare free light. Most people choose the fixed type which directs light in a fixed direction depending on the angle of the beam inside the globe. For ceilings higher than 10ft, use 1000 lumens in your downlights to make sure light reaches the floor.

Visually intensive tasks require both quantity and quality illumination. Therefore, downlights should be oriented directly over the work area and in front of the person. Downlights placed above or behind the person casts undesirable shadows on the person and over the work area. ACULUX LINI™ 1 INCH LINEAR Aculux lini™ is the industry’s only truly coordinated family of linear Downlights, Adjustable Accent and Wall Wash luminaires. Utilizes low glare metalized optics for zero brightness apertures while delivering 370 to 2230 lumens. We are create lighting.Talk To Commercial Office Lighting Expert About Your New Project.

Set the table and the ambiance with downlights that help you illuminate your dinner and the conversation. Use seamless lighting to enhance the beauty of your architectural design. Layer downlights with sparkling statement pieces to create a lively kitchen ready for everything from entertaining to eating. When it comes to large spaces like kitchens, great rooms and large offices, downlights can supplement or complement decorative statement pieces, like pendants or chandeliers. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. This simple form can be modified to produce three varieties of light, a golden glow from the middle, an uplight and a downlight. Juno AI controls any smart home device that works with Alexa. And it’s virtually invisible in your ceiling… so say goodbye to countertop clutter and crank up the music. Have you ever heard people say that LEDs are harmful to you? Many people question whether LEDs are harmful to your health because they are very different from other light bulbs currently on the market.

Read on to learn how to use down lighting in landscapes. The Lumencore Small is a high-performance LED downlight for ceiling applications. Available in an array of trims and finishes, outputs , optics, colour renderings, accessories, and a WET IP54 option, these luminaires are here to outperform. The Lumencore Small possesses a previously unseen lifespan, is quick to install, and can be used with a number of different control options. ELEMENT Multiples have simultaneously redefined and elevated the recessed multiples category with meticulous design and engineering. Smart design yields a surface completely free of fasteners for a sleek look, even without trims. ELEMENT is our specification-grade recessed lighting offering, designed and engineered to deliver critically specified light for any environment. Since its inception, ELEMENT has been defined by the needs of the design community.

Others prefer them because of their energy-saving capabilities. In this age of tight budgets, when we are all doing everything we can to reduce our energy bills, it is important to consider the lighting in our homes and workplaces. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of LED downlights. To be known as a leading designer and manufacturer of portable led products, JST has got rapid growth in Led lighting industry in the past 8 years. Being an ISO9001 Certified firm and Government-nominated “Hi-Tech Enterprise”, we are continuously investing in the Research and Development of portable and other creative LED lighting products. Currently, we have obtained some patents in China, and our products have various certificates. High power 120W surface mounted LED downlight, 120W LED downlights, 120W surface mounted downlight, surface mounted 120W LED downlight.

Use downlights with 1000+ lumens to reach the tallest of ceilings. Consider using Gimbals for slanted ceilings to direct light on certain areas of the room. Conventional ceiling LED downlights are not adjustable when embedded in the ceiling. But Enuotek offers you adjustable downlights and dimmable downlights to meet more needs. LED lights and LED downlights are becoming more and more popular. More and more families choose to use them to complement décor and design.

There will be 1 black wire, 1 white wire, and an uninsulated wire coming out of the 14/2 cable. Pull the strippers toward the end wire to remove the insulation. Repeat the process with the wire attached to the downlight. If you don’t know which circuits control the room where you’re working, either contact an electrician to check your wiring or shut off the main power switch in your electrical box. Pull the saw straight out through the hole again once you break through the other side. Turn off your drill completely so it doesn’t accidentally start. Place the end of a screwdriver in between the side of the saw and the piece of your ceiling that’s stuck inside of it. Pry the piece of ceiling out of the hole saw and throw it away when you’re finished. You can also try to access the ceiling from the floor above if you want, but you may need to remove floorboards or finish. Low Profile LED Recessed Downlights feature shallow depth design.

The UltraLED MICRODISK is a slim profile LED downlight kit with and fire proofing remote driver that operates on V universal input voltage. The high performing MICRODISK’s IC design allows for installation without a housing. Where creativity and necessity meet, ELEMENT Build-Your-Own Multiples achieve an almost endless range of lighting arrays using an expandable grid system. A designer’s vision can become reality; all using any combination of ELEMENT Multiples adjustable spots, general illumination or wall wash light modules. Entra adjustable downlights offer a quality alternative to meet reliability and performance specifications on budget-sensitive residential or commercial projects. Mark the location where you want your downlight with a pencil. Choose a spot that’s between the joists in your ceiling, and draw a dot to mark the center of the light.

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