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Ultraviolet Laser Marking

Examples include aluminum, anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium, lead, and zinc. “We’ve chosen LASIT a few years ago and we are so happy with the laser marking machines home we use. The high quality of their components makes this supplier a great partner for our company.” They are also equipped with our high-speed lasers to keep up with short production cycles.

The marking of organic materials like wood is based on material carbonisation which produces darkening of the surface and marks with high contrast. Directly “burning” images on wood were some of the first uses of engraving lasers. The laser power required here is often less than 10 watts depending on the laser being used as most are different. Hardwoods like walnut, mahogany and maple produce good results.

In this process, a laser beam locally heats a metal surface to produce a mark. This localised heating causes structural changes in the metal and results in a colour change. The marking is usually black but it may also be red, green or yellow, depending on the temperature of the heated layers. Lasers are also capable of marking plastics, ceramics, glass, and silicon.

Since fiber systems don’t have any moving parts or consumables, they require very little maintenance. Fiber laser components are also very durable, with a laser source that has a mean time between failures of 100,000 hours. Our machines are designed by experts who make sure they comply with all applicable safety standards. This way, you’re certain that your machine is safely integrated in your production line, and you don’t need to worry about additional safety measures. Conveyor machines can account for all types of positioning variations that occur on conveyors.

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Don’t forget to check out the control software for the machine. Since it is important for the control to be easy and user-friendly. Since the markings can withstand high temperatures, this is a good solution for objects that need sterilization. Examples include surgical or parts that need to go in an autoclave. There are no harsh chemicals used for engraving process is safe and environmentally friendly.

RAYCUS is the first fiber laser source brand in all over China. It’s cost-effective due to the quality it offers, which is as good as IPG for some applications and relatively cheaper. Two criteria decide on the optimal laser power, the marking application and the level of productivity.

The previous Bobs laser cutters are designed almost specifically for wood cutting. If you’re not looking for a wood cutter and want something capable of engraving an assortment of other materials the TEN-HIGH CO2 Engrave Machine is one option to consider. So, for those who need to 3D print and engrave different materials, this is your go-to machine. This may not be as important for some while for others it is extremely important. However, others might connect via Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz wireless interface.

As a result, it poses a grave danger to the environment to mark PCBs using hazardous inks. Whereas, when you use the laser marking methodology for PCBs, you are creating an environment-friendly marking scheme. Thus, it is highly recommended for the PCB manufacturers to use laser marking techniques for long-lasting markings. The final results of PCB marking are substantially different for Ink/Stickers and Laser markings. The ink/sticker marks are not very clear and can create issues during manual or scanner reading. On the other hands, the laser markings on PCBs create crystal clear markings that are easy to read by the naked eye and digital scanners.

Since you have decided to buy a laser marking machine it would be necessary for you to accumulate enough information on laser marking technology, what you need to consider, and how to find suppliers. Well, this complete buying guide involves the missed piece of information that can enhance your knowledge and let you stand in a better position while negotiating with laser marking machines suppliers. Various types of Laser engraving machines are available in the market. Each type of laser engraver machine has its own advantages and limitations. Therefore before purchasing, it is always recommended to analyze engraving machines on following parameters. These laser systems are commonly used by manufacturers for laser marking their parts with identification information for product tracking and traceability.

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